• Terraria NEW SECRET DUNGEON BOSS FIGHT! (Terraria Easter Egg) @demizegg

  • Brave Maximus Furious enters a new land of wonder and horror!

    In Fury's Modded Terraria, we'll be exploring all the content added by these mods. We'll also be building up this world to epic proportions -- creating farms, arenas, giant castles and small towns! All while mobbed by unfamiliar foes! But that's alright! We'll have help from some new friends as well!

    tModLoader Mod Update List: http://bit.ly/2rpS5P4
    Current Mods Installed:

    tModLoader v0.10.0.2 - http://bit.ly/1oxRrg0
    Thorium - DivermanSam
    imkSushi's Mod - imkSushi
    MaxStackPlus - ColinAV
    Furniture, Food and Fun - Jenosis
    Calamity - MountainDrew
    Project_Logic - Rartrin
    Crystilium - Graydee and Team
    Fargo's Mutant Mod - Fargowilta
    Wing Slot - abluescarab and Boffin
    Sacred Tools - RexodinoLP
    Which Mod Is This From? - goldenapple
    More Accessories+ - Eldrazi
    Spirit Mod - PhoenixBlade and Team
    Elemental Unleash - Bluemagic123
    Expeditions and Base - Flashkirby99
    Boss Checklist - jopojelly
    Yet Another Boss Health Bar - FlashKirby99
    Joost Mod - Joost8910
    Alchemist NPC - VVV101
    Magic Storage - Bluemagic123
    Chad's Furniture & More - 360ChadScope
    Recipe Browser - jopojelly
    Luiafk Mod - Luiafk
    Auto Trash - jopojelly
    WeaponOut - FlashKirby99
    The Luggage - jopojelly
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    ▪ Brutal Terraria: http://bit.ly/2uIOO1d
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    ♫ Music ♫

    Artist: Phantom Sage
    • https://www.facebook.com/thefantomofficial
    • http://www.youtube.com/phantomsage
    • https://soundcloud.com/phantomsage
    • https://twitter.com/_phantomsage_
    Track: Miko (NCS Release)
    Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7t8lRdpv5IQ
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    Terraria NEW SECRET DUNGEON BOSS FIGHT! (Terraria Easter Egg) @demizegg

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    11.02.2018 Онуфрий:
    In Fury's Modded Terraria, we'll be exploring all the content added by these mods.  Fury's Modded Terraria | 95: The Crystal & The Soul.

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    Fury's Modded Terraria | 91: The Challenger & the Blue M Добавлено: 5 мес. назад.

    31.03.2018 Глафира:
    I've been getting a little bored with terraria so I want a challenge! The challenge CAN be mutli-world (Not multi player I'm too bored with that:/) E.G. Getting 5 vamp knives.

    14.03.2018 howvoiprocout:
    Terraria Challenger [06] - La malédiction de Gunter.  Update Required To play the media you will need to either update your browser to a recent version or update your.

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    Vectrex Video Challenger Virtual Boy Wii Wii U Windows Mobile Windows Phone  Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 2, The. 14 февраля 2018. Crossing Souls.

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    Orcs Must Die 2 Pillars of Eternity Pokemon Skyrim Tales of Maj'Eyal Team Fortress 2 Terraria The Sims 3 The Sims 4 The Witcher The Witcher 2 X-Com: Enemy Unknown.