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  • Natural Indigo Denim
  • Japanese Heavy Denim
  • Iron Heart - IH-634S Selvedge Denim - 2.5 years old

  • Natural Indigo Denim

    We make several pairs of jeans and one jacket in 17oz rope dyed, organic cotton, natural indigo denim – find out more here here.

    Japanese Heavy Denim

    Our Denims - Our jeans, denim shirts and jackets are made from many different weights and colours of superb quality Japanese denim – most selvedge, some raw/, some sanforized and almost all exclusive to Iron Heart.  We’ve tried to include all the information you might need, and if you have any difficulty with terminology or finding what you want, we are here to help.

    Our Styling - Iron Heart clothing is designed to be timeless, using classic styles thoughtfully updated for the way we live today.

    Our Sizing - We understand that choosing the correct size when ordering online is difficult.  We aim to provide all the tools and information needed, including video measuring guides, to enable you to make an informed decision.  We give specific measurements for each individual garment, and are always happy to offer further guidance if you want or need it.

    Источник: https://www.ironheart.co.uk/bottoms/ih-634s.html

    Iron Heart - IH-634S Selvedge Denim - 2.5 years old

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    17.03.2018 blasinapre:
    Подробные сведения о Iron Heart Ihs Показать исходное объявление о товаре. Iron Heart Ihs

    03.04.2018 erarber:
    Я рекомендую начать с модели Iron Heart IHS. Это базовая модель джинсов бренда, ставшая уже классической, по аналогии с моделью от Levi's.

    12.02.2018 comipul:
    Продам джинсы IRON HEART S W30L36 Новые Отправлю по России за счет покупателя ( р.) Цена 11 руб.

    15.03.2018 Влас:
    The essential Iron Heart jean. Built from our 21oz indigo selvedge denim.  Indigo 21oz Selvedge Denim Straight Cut. One of our "21 Iron Heart Essentials”.

    03.03.2018 Федор:
    USD. The IHS is Iron Heart's flagship straight fit jean featuring their 21 oz sanforized indigo warp/white weft selvedge denim made from long staple American cotton.

    30.03.2018 Мстислав:
    Hello guys, welcome back to the channel once again! Today we are reviewing my second favorite out there next to Sneakers: Raw Denim!.