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  • You know.. 12 year old boy. HE DIDN'T. Looks arent everything in a relationship.
    It wasn't him that fucked her up. It was that she got fucked in the anal with no lube
    behind every fine b*tch there is a guy who is sick of her shit.
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    -fox confirmed? They might not do it after his performance at the major.
    40 kills vs envyus i arent think that
    whore confirmed on stream
    Well cs community consists of fat 15 yo virgins with neck beards. I would guess that pisses females of. There is nothing more saddening than obese kids wasting their lives on a videogame. I'm talking about 99,9% that aren't pros.
    So has Maikelele actually disproved anything she's posted or is it just a case of he said/she said?
    So its a case of he said/she said. How do we know his GF isnt telling the truth and its Maikelele lying? Yet everyone will go insulting his GF even though neither side has proven anything they've claimed.
    well thats the thing we dont know, apparently he cheated on her she tweeted about it ages ago so everyone thinks she is just salty but ye idk
    Yes, Maikelele was like `Oh, I totally have a big dick, you guys, you`ve gotta trust me!` We all do. JK, he only said that they never wanted to kick fox. I guess Maik just ignores her silly posts.
    typical attention whore with strong brain damage she deserves a strong slap on her stupid face
    Shes so fine though. Maikelelele shouldnt have messed that up
    cash rules everything around me W.H.O.R.E get the money dolla dolla bill yall
    this bitch actually thinks somebody cares about her meltdown? don't have time for psychopathic trash
    damn twitta ban her she is talking about dicks
    bitch deserves to get slapped in the face with 100 sardines
    Hot body, face looks like a duck. Would go through all the bitchness for that muffin, gg.
    at least he maikellelelelelele that pussy
    Wow, Maikel fuck with some crazy bitches. I am happy to be single, who haas energy for a dramaqueen like that.
    when you play computer games for living i guess you have energy for that shit :D
    Yeah, my ex was pretty crazy aswell. Could not stand her. ^^
    Seriously, why is she the bad guy? She clearly did it in desperation to not get harrased by maikelele. It's self defense, ofcourse it sounds desperate. Hltv please, use your brain
    LMAO, all you get over this and sign up on you then type "LOLREKT" into the free credits for 500 coins to bet with. get your day together goddamnit
    i just understand russian tweet, which means "ahahah, bitch fuck i love you"
    Poor guy is going to have some serious trust issues later in his life.
    so she is that kind of gf who cant take a breakup. Poor LELELE when he started streaming after DH Cluj she was banning everyone in his chat lol (forgot to unmod her).
    Just a typical 14yo hoe, atleast her personality is. Should be an easy pick up if this girl into some Maikelele type of childs. These little girls needs money and fame, not a male. I bet she cant make an easy to do decent dinner at home.
    why she heff to be mad? iz only game
    this is what happens when you play with vaginas
    the definition of "attention whore"

    CS:GO Player Profile - Karrigan - Astralis

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