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  • Dean Ambrose vs. Sheamus: Raw, Nov. 20, 2017

  • Dean Ambrose has made his WWE bones by going against the grain. And apparently, he used similar tactics in his courtship of Renee Young.

    The two will be married a year in April, and have successfully cultivated WWE's most low key relationship. With intimate information being scarce, you bet we were all ears when Young joined the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast and discussed the earliest days of their relationship.

    However, according to Young, Dean wasn’t the only WWE Superstar vying for romance.

    “I feel like everyone else was, trying to get my attention, maybe, and he was trying to play it cool,” she said. “So I didn’t know this [was Ambrose’s tactic]. And people are always perplexed, like, ‘How did you guys get together?’”

    Young tried to bottle Ambrose’s quiet persona backstage and said that she began to notice that he pursued conversations with her.

    “He doesn’t talk to anybody, but he always talked to me and I didn’t know because I didn’t know him prior, so I was like, ‘okay,’” she said.

    However, Dean began to emerge from the crowd of potential suitors and he did this with a lost art, by 2018’s standards: the phone call.

    “He was very subtle in his approach, kind of, but the thing that threw me off the most about him, which I don’t think a lot of people do these days, is he would call me. He would, like, call me. Yeah, man! Like, my phone would ring and he was still in my phone as ‘Dean Ambrose’ and he would call me,” remembered Young.


    There you have it, wrestling romantics. Want to make an impression on that guy or gal you can't stop thinking about? Give them a call. Actually, just do whatever you want, just make sure it's legal or at least socially acceptable.

    [H/T Wrestling Inc.]


    Dean Ambrose vs. Sheamus: Raw, Nov. 20, 2017

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