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  • [Infinite Challenge] 무한도전 - Gwanghee, first recording! complete change of attitude!20150808

  • This is a Korean name; the family name is Hwang.

    Hwang Kwang-hee (Hangul: 황광희; Hanja: 黃光熙;[1] born on August 25, 1988[2]), also known mononymously as Kwanghee, is a member of the nine-member South Korean boyband ZE:A managed by Star Empire Entertainment. They debuted on January 7, 2010 with the single Mazeltov.[3] Kwanghee is a well known variety star,[4] and is a member of MBC's Infinite Challenge. He's completing his compulsory military service in a military band[5] until 2019 and is therefore on hiatus.


    On May 28, 2011, Kwanghee attended the "2011 Environment Day" event in Seoul, where he participated in a "clothes layering game" and shocked everyone by putting on 252 layers of t-shirts, earning him a Guinness World Record for the most T-shirts worn.[6] He appeared on We Got Married paired Secret'sSunhwa. The last episode was filmed on April 10, 2013.

    In April 2015, Kwanghee joined MBC's Infinite Challenge as a regular cast member. He was selected through the Sixth Man project which was held to fill the empty position after Noh Hong-chul left the program.[7]

    Kwanghee enlisted in the army in the March of 2017 to fulfill his military duty.[8][9]

    On February 7, 2017, Kwanghee officially joined Bonboo Entertainment.[10]



    Variety/TV Shows[edit]

    YearNetworkVariety ShowEpisodesNotes
    2009Office Reality - ZEEp. 1-6
    ZE riteonjeuEp. 1-12
    2011KBS2Let's Go! Dream Team S2Ep. 86, 95Participant in Dream Team. Teamed with Min (Miss A) in Ep 86.
    SBSLaw of the JungleEp. 1-28Season 1 - Namibia
    Season 2 - Papua, Indonesia
    Season 3 - Vanuatu
    Season 4 - Siberia
    2012SBSStar KingPanel (Left the show in Apr 2015 before joining Infinite Challenge)
    InkigayoMC (16th Dec 2012 to 5 April 2015)
    MBCWe Got Married S4Ep. 133 - 166Couple with Han Sun-hwa (Secret)
    SBSLaw of the JungleSeason 1 (Namibia, Papua),

    Season 2 (Vanuatu, Siberia)

    Member (returned to Korea early due to an injury suffered during season 2 in Siberia)
    2013Son Dambi's Beautiful Days S2MC (S2, Ep. 7 onwards)
    Olive TVParty MartMC
    TVNFriends Treating You To SomethingMC co-host with Boom
    2014MBC2014 Idol Star Athletics ChampionshipsCaster, Participated with ZE:A under Team C
    SBSFashion King KoreaSeason 2Participant with Kwak Hyun-joo
    O'live TVOlive Show 2014MC
    KBS WorldThe Lord Of The RatingsMC
    JTBCIn Bed With BossEp 1 - 3MC[12]
    SBSLaw of the JungleEp. 100 - 102Season 12 - Borneo
    2015KBS 2TVVitaminMC[13]
    MBCKing of Mask SingerPilot EpisodeJudge
    KBS World TVBeauty Bible 2015 S/SEp. 1 - 15MC co-host with Kang Hyoni and Jeon Hyo-sung
    Beauty Bible 2015 F/WEp. 1 - 14MC co-host with Kang Hyoni and Jeon Hyo-sung
    EBSCultureThe best cooking secrets Season 2015BEp. 1 - 131MC[14]
    The best cooking secrets Season 2015CEp. 1 - 109MC[14]
    MBCInfinite ChallengeEp. 419 - 424, 427 till presentCast member (joined after being selected as the 6th Man in April 2015, was cast member until March 25, 2017.)
    KBSJoy's Go for YouthMC
    MBCThe Capables OnePilot/Special Episode
    O'live TVAvatar ChefEp. 1 - 12MC co-host with Lee Hwi-jae[15]
    SBSHealing Camp, Aren't You HappyEp. 205 - 219MC co-host with Kim Je-dong and Seo Jang-hoon
    2016EBSCultureThe best cooking secrets Season 2016AEp. 1 till presentMC[14]
    K-Star Reform ShowEp. 1 till presentMC[16]
    MBCIdol Cooking KingPaired with labelmate Han Hyeri and won 1st place.[17]



    YearSong TitleArtistNotes
    2011"그대만 보여요" (I Can Only See You)Kim Ye-won (Jewelry) and Hwang KwangHee (ZE:A)Track 5 from Protect the Boss OST
    2015"맙소사" (Mapsosa)HwangTaeJi (Hwang KwangHee (ZE:A), Taeyang and G-Dragon (Big Bang)).Infinite Challenge's "Yeongdong Highway Music Festival" 2015
    2016"Your Night"Hwang Kwanghee X Gaeko feat. Oh Hyuk (Hyukoh)Infinite Challenge's Hip Hop Special (Song achieved Perfect Allkill on 2nd Jan 2017 14:00 KST)



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