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    Co-founders Sarah Michelle Gellar, Galit Laibow, and Greg Fleishman created the company because they were touched by the way baking helped them connect with their kids, and wanted to create natural and sustainable ways to bake. Foodstirs sources from small farms that protect the wellbeing of fieldworkers, and all Foodstirs ingredients are authentic, organic and never genetically modified.


    BUFFY EARPERS is a new podcast which is doing a Buffy the Vampire Slayer rewatch from the perspective of a fan of the SyFy series WYNONNA EARP. For more information visit The Buffy Page.


    Sarah Michelle Gellar's first car was a 1995 Chrysler LeBaron convertible. It was recently being sold on Craig's List by someone in Monsey, NY for $2995.


    Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. purchased a new house in LA's Mandeville Canyon. The Colonial style house with hardwood floors (built in 2006) is more than 7,300 sq.ft. with 6 bedrooms and 5 baths. It has an outdoor pool with waterfall, a large patio, a library, media room, and gym.


    Gellar rides an Electra Townie 3 bike, pink with Hello Kitty tires. The bike offers a low center of gravity for full leg extension, which increases comfort and pedaling torque. Also this means the rider's feet are able to rest flat on the ground. The platform pedals make it theoretically possible to ride in heels, and it has a full-length chainguard to keep dirt and oil off the rider's legs.


    The Prinze family has a new dog named Bella. Gellar tweeted on 22 October 2013: "I wanted to introduce all my fans to my newest baby weighing in at 75 pounds and nine months old #Bella" Gellar first mentioned getting another pet when she hosted a group baby shower for 40 military expectant mothers 15 February 2012 at the Riviera Country Club during the Northern Trust Open golf tournament. During an interview with Lindsay Miller of PopSugar after the event, Gellar is allergic to cats


    Gellar appeared on Sesame Street for the first time on 7 January 2014. She and Elmo discussed the word disapointed Video is available on YouTube.


    Sarah Michelle Gellar teamed up with THE NESTLE SHARE THE JOY OF READING PROGRAM to raise awareness about the importance of children's literacy. She had this to say about the program: "As a mother and avid reader, I am excited to be participating in 'The Nestle Share the Joy of Reading Program' to benefit READING IS FUNDAMENTAL. Reading has had an enormous, positive impact on my life and I encourage people to support organizations such as RIF that work to ignite a child's hunger for knowledge and inspire imagination."


    Gellar originally was the voice of Rayna in this JPL/NASA educational science fiction adventure film, but in 2008 the script was rewritten to include discoveries made by the Cassini Huygens mission to Saturn, and Gellar was too busy to voice her character. She was replaced by Amanda Peet and the character renamed Ranger. The film was released 13 January 2010 with the new title: QUANTUM QUEST: A CASSINI SPACE ODYSSEY.


    Gellar skated competitively for three years in the late 1980's, and once finished third in a New York State regional competition. She gave up skating at the urging of her mother to concentrate on acting and her studies.


    Remember FUNNY FARM, the 1988 Chevy Chase comedy in which Gellar's uncredited role as Elizabeth's Student was completely excised from the DVD? The still (below) shows Elizabeth (Madolyn Smith) and her students from one of the deleted scenes. Gellar either is not facing the camera, (the child indicated by the purple arrow) or she is in the background over Smith's right shoulder (see enlargement below right). That's Diane Yang, Elizabeth's other excised student, with the pink bows in her hair.

    • Gellar posted this photo (right) on her Instagram with the following text:

      "So, anyone that knows anything about me, knows I am a complete theatre geek. And anyone that knows me personally, knows that since I was a child, I have been obsessed with the musical #Chess. Over 20 years ago, on a pilot presentation (for a show based on a not so successful movie for a small network most people didn’t know) I bonded with another actor over our mutual love of this musical. I even confided in him, that in my very first ice skating competition , I skated to One Night in Bangkok (I came in third) Well now it’s 20 years later, and that actor - @strongdanny rewrote the book to #chessmusical and I had the honor to sit in the audience and watch his incredible version. And I was blown away. It exceeded any expectation. The book was moving, and timely and funny. The actors were so incredible. And I got to share the experience with my daughter. Dreams do come true (also for six degrees- that same song was originally sung by #murrayhead the brother of another actor on that very same pilot presentation - #anthonyhead"

    • Gellar has recorded the pre-show announcement for Off-Broadway’s Cruel Intentions: The ’90s Musical Experience. In the announcement, which is delivered as her character Katheryn Merteuil might have delivered it, Gellar says:

      "Welcome to Cruel Intentions: The Musical. The game's about to begin, which means it's time for you to put your cell phones on silent. It's not that difficult, morons. Take out tht second rate phone, and hit the silent button. And for all of you tourists out there who think it would be swell to take a photo or video of the show and bring it home to bum-fuck nowhere, well guess what, that's not permitted either. Please obey, or I will cyber-shame you into oblivion. Happy hunting, and enjoy the show."

      The show, directed by Lindsey Rosin, opened on 17 November and will run through 19 February at le poisson rouge, 158 Bleeker St. in New York City.
    • Scooby-Doo writer James Gunn told Clark Collis of Entertanment Weekly that the finished film "...was not exactly what we planned going out — I had written an edgier film geared toward older kids and adults, and the studio ended pushing it into a clean cut children’s film. And, yes, the rumors are true — the first cut was rated R by the MPAA, and the female stars’ cleavage was CGI’d away so as not to offend." Gellar starred as Daphne Blake in SCOOBY DOO, and SCOOBY DOO 2: MONSTERS UNLEASHED.
    • Freddie Prinze Jr. is doing a podcast called Prinze and the Wolf with comedian Josh Wolf that covers everything from parenting to pop culture, from gaming to cooking. The 21st episode is currently available on iTunes, and the guys discuss why kids should live by the "rules of the playground" a little more often. Also discussed is: In what movie is Brad Pitt best looking?
    • Molly Parker, who was Gellar's sister Mary in THE WONDERFUL MALADYS pilot, will be Maureen Robinson in the Netflix reboot of the 1960's classic science fiction series LOST IN SPACE. The show centers on the Robinson family - John, Maureen, Don, Judy, Will and Penny - and possible villain Dr. Smith, as they find themselves stranded in space, light years away from their destination, where they are more likely to "release their inner demons". The ten-episode first season will be on Netflix early in 2018.
    • James Gunn (who wrote Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed) announced on Facebook that he would be returning to write and direct "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3." Gunn said that "Guardians 3" will come after 2018's "Avengers: Infinity War" and conclude the story of Guardians of the Galaxy. "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2", written and directed by Gunn, is now available to stream on Netflix (US).
    • Andrea Roth, who was Catherine Martin on RINGER, will be Melissa Bowen in the TV series CLOAK AND DAGGER, based on the Marvel Comic created by Bill Mantlo and Ed Hannigan, which stars Olivia Holt as "Dagger" and Aubrey Joseph as "Cloak". The two can create 'daggers of light', heal people, and purge addictions. The pair are street-dwelling runaways who meet in New York and simultaneously gain their powers. The ten-episode series will premiere on the Freeform network on 7 June, 2018.
    • Gellar has authored a cookbook of sorts (with Gia Russo) called Stirring Up Fun with Food: Over 115 Simple, Delicious Ways to Be Creative in the Kitchen. Organized by month, the book offers projects for every occasion and theme, including Super Bowl, Valentine's Day, Shark Week, Halloween, and a Star Wars day. It is available from Amazon in Kindle and Hardcover editions.
    • Sarah Michelle Gellar voices the recurring character Seventh Sister, a Jedi-hunting inquisitor, whose first appearance was in episode 2.4 of Disney XD’s Star Wars Rebels. She posted a photo of her character on Instagram. Gellar was on the Star Wars Rebels panel at New York City Comic Con 8 October. Freddie Prinze is the voice of Karran Jarrus in the animated series, which premiered 3 October 2014 on Disney Channel with a one-hour special titled Spark of Rebellion. The series is set 5 years before STAR WARS EPISODE IV.
    • The cookbook that Freddie Prinze Jr. co-authored with Rachel Wharton has been released. It is available in hardcover and a kindle edition. Prinze told Zee Krstic of EATER: "The first dish I ever cooked on TV was a sea bass with sugar and lime with Rosie O’Donnell, of all people. I think I was supposed to be selling daytime America a Miramax rom-com, but I liked food more and Rosie enjoyed giving a middle-finger to authority, so it worked out great." Although Prinze says that his cookbook is 95% healthy, he counts two comfort-food recipes – fried lobster tacos and fried chicken (a tribute to his Puerto Rican grandma) – as his favorites. "I try to eat healthy and I try to feed my children healthy, but I also understand fried stuff tastes good," he says, "I also try to make things in 8, 9 ingredients or less to keep things simple, but still give good flavor." Before becoming an actor, Prinze attended culinary school. The cookbook features 75 of his family's recipes, along with the stories behind them.
    • Gellar guest starred as Gwen Stephanie in the fourth episode of THOSE WHO CAN'T titled "The Fairbell Tape" on TruTv. Gellar's character is apparently hell-bent on removing junk food from her children's school, and comes into conflict with the teaching staff on the issue.

      Adam Cayton-Holland, Ben Roy and Andrew Orvedahl (The Denver comedy team Grawlix) star in the 10 episode series about a dysfunctional teaching staff. Cayton-Holland plays a Spanish teacher, Orvedahl a gym teacher and Roy is a punk-rock history teacher. The three also write and executive produce the show. A Denver Post article by Joanne Ostrow describes the shows main characters: "While Cayton-Holland's character, Payton, is a ringleader, Roy describes his character, Billy Shoemaker, in a scene in which he's wearing a pink lace tank top that shows off his tattoos, as 'the Klinger of this show.' Orvedahl paints his eager-to-please character, Coach Fairbell, as 'a human golden retriever.'"

    • Katie Stevens and Lindsay Pearce alternated the role of Kathryn Merteuil in Cruel Intentions: The Completely Unauthorized Musical Parody, at Rockwell Table and Stage in 2015 in Los Angeles. Others in the cast included Constantine Rousouli (Sebastian), Shelley Regner (Cecile), Molly McCook (Annette), and Tyler Scheef (Blaine). Sarah Michelle Gellar, Sean Patrick Thomas, and author Roger Kumble attended a performance of the musical on 10 April. After the show, Gellar commented: "It's so crazy. It was such a flood of memories. I don't necessarily think of it as me. But then they started talking, and I could feel the words coming out of my mouth!"
    • Gellar has become a spokesperson for NO KID HUNGRY, a program to bring healthy school breakfasts to children across the US. She explained to Parade Magazine how she became involved: "I started to read about Urban Hunger and the studies and statistics about how many children go hungry. Something like four out of five children are hungry at some point. I thought–that’s not possible. And then I started to read about No Kid Hungry and I learned a term that really frightened me–Suburban Hunger. Right now the kids living right next door to you might be going hungry."
    • Episode 4 of the webseries PRINCESS RAP BATTLE features Sarah Michelle Gellar as Cinderella. All episodes of the series are available on Whitney Avalon's YouTube Channel.

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