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    Alyssa and her team are so nice! The whole experience was something I'll never forget! The products are so great! All are smudge and finger print resistant and uv treated (which means no color fading!!!) I really had a great time and I would definitely recommend this to my friends

    There is no way for me to praise Alyssa and her team enough for what they've done for me! Before my shoot I had absolutely hated myself in every way. There were literally no parts of me that I loved. I would look in the mirror every day and hate what I saw every time, all the way up to the day of my shoot. Once I was at her studio, Alyssa and her whole team made me feel beautiful for the first time. They helped me gain confidence in myself that I never had had. Alyssa and her team literally worked a miracle on me, and I cannot thank them enough. I will ALWAYS recommend Alyssa for anyone looking to see how truly beautiful they are.

    I had such an amazing experience with Alyssa and her team! They are all so kind, and have this way of making you feel on top of the world. I've developed such confidence in myself from this boudoir experience. I can't even put into words the feeling that comes over me when I see these pictures of myself! I would recommend this experience to every woman, no matter how confident you might already be or if you hate looking in the mirror... this is life changing!

    I wish I could give so many more stars! I had such a blast yesterday!!! I love the team and what they stand for! They made me feel confident and comfortable in my own skin! To be able to be yourself in such a different environment is amazing! I loved that they helped me through every step of the way!!! Thank you ladies!! I'll be seeing you again soon!!!

    Alyssa and her team are absolutely amazing! They made me feel completely comfortable and at home from the moment I walked in. The entire process was awesome, they are excellent at what they do. I had a slight concern that they would have issues with my hair ot make up but NOPE they were absolutely top notch! The shoot was incredible and fun and one of the best experiences ever. And the images... I'm still absolutely speechless!!

    I'm not sure how to describe my experience working with Alyssa and her team other than absolutely amazing. Before my shoot I disliked almost everything about myself, after seeing my photos I can say that is no longer the case. Alyssa and her team are super sweet and amazing people. They don't treat you like just another customer but like they have known you for years. The products are stunning and will take your breath away. If you're looking to book a shoot I say you do so asap. You won't regret it!

    I don't think I can even put into words how amazing alyssa and her staff are. I have been wanting to do a shoot like this for years but have always been so uncomfortable in my own skin. Alyssa just knows. From the moment you meet her you fall in love with her and she makes you feel so comfortable. Her staff is so friendly and makes you feel gorgeous. As you are. I cried when I saw the final pictures. She pays attention to detail and just brings you amazing pictures that capture you perfectly. Don't wait. Stop putting it off. Book your session with Alyssa. You won't regret it!

    My experience at Alyssa's studio was unexplainable...but let me try. Her staff is amazing. They welcome you and make you feel at home right away. Each of them listens to the style you are going for, in terms of hair and makeup, and if you don't like something they have no issues changing it. Once you're ready, they are ready to photograph. Going in, I was not model caliber at all. However, Alyssa will literally get down and show you the positions she wants and talk you thru them. It is not a stiff experience either. It is full of jokes and laughter. All in all it's just a very fun and positive experience. When you go in, at a later date, to view your photos, she once again makes it very cozy and inviting. She strive to make it a very personable experience. I am so happy with my gain of sex appeal and confidence. Alyssa work is not only gorgeous, but it's you! She does her best to capture your true beauty and to make you feel and see the sexy woman that you are! Photography by Alyssa is not only a place to go for beautiful photos, but it is truly a company working towards self healing and self love. I cannot wait to return!

    I have not yet booked a session one day I will gain the courage but anyone is welcome here just hip on her face book and u will feel beautiful she is encouraging and so sweet when I do get the courage I know this will be amazing I have been following her for a while now and the images and the customer response is amazing it tears me up seeing all of these beautiful women realize how truly beautiful they really are she deserves an award for what amazing amazing women she Is to uplift every women for being just who they are!

    From the moment you walk into Alyssa's studio for the shoot to the viewing experience, every detail has been thought out. Her team is extremely professional and makes you feel beautiful from the inside out. Every single woman who is able to walk through the doors of her studio is going to have a life changing photo shoot. Do it for you, for the insecurities you may have hidden or the confidence that is going to come out of the entire process. I honestly would have never thought that I would look as beautiful as Alyssa shot me or her team made me up, the photos had me speechless. It was wonderful knowing that they all looked over my questionnaire and knew exactly what I wanted for hair and make-up, as well as what I was concerned about for my shoot. I would recommend them again and again, especially knowing that they will work with you from the look of the shoot to the affordable pricing. I have nothing but incredible things to say for Alyssa and her team.

    Wow! One of the best experiences of my life! I left feeling amazing and still do 3 weeks later! Her studio is beautiful and her team are professional and sincere. They shower you with compliments from the minute you walk in the door to the moment you leave your viewing session! So first off I am from Florida so I flew into San Diego (have fam/friends there) and booked a shoot with Alyssa during my stay! She offers same day viewing appointments which was a LIFESAVER. Backtrack a bit to booking initially- She first explained to me about her payment plans, I chose to do a prepayment plan which is where you can put AS MUCH OR AS LITTLE as YOU can prior to your shoot, plus the 300 fee for booking goes towards products as well. So don't say you can't afford it you can and I PROMISE you won't regret it. I was beyond nervous leading up to my shoot but it turned out amazing, I rocked that camera and my body and just trusted in Alyssa and her team, they did not disappoint! Book your shoot now!!!

    Having my boudoir photographs taken by Alyssa and her team was an incredible experience. From the moment you walk in the door, you are welcomed with open arms like a longtime friend. You are pampered having your hair and makeup done by two incredible talented ladies (Alyssa and Stacey were my hair/makeup duo). Just when you think it can't get any better, you get to look through her fabulous lingerie closet (you can bring your own of course, or go naked!) and see the beautiful studio she has set up. It's so simple yet elegant, nothing distracting to take away from the beauty of YOU. The shoot was amazing, It was so fun, and I can't believe how much I laughed and chatted with the girls while in my undergarments striking sexy poses (that they model and walk you through so you don't feel lost or confused). And the viewing! OMG! To see all of your's indescribable. Alyssa and her team are truly gifted. I feel a new sense of self-confidence and sexiness. Ordering is pricey, but it's so worth it. To look back on these photos years from now, to see how amazing I looked, to surprise my worth it. No matter your shape, size, age, it! You won't regret it and the only thing you have to loose is your negative outlook on body, and your clothes!

    If you are thinking about getting boudoir photos taken, Alyssa Michelle is the girl to see! Her and her team of rockstar women are seriously the best. They will make you feel like a super star. From start to finish you are walked through the whole process. They'll play music you love to make you feel even more at ease. Alyssa Michelle will do the poses for you so you know exactly what to do and you'll be showered with compliments the whole way through. They'll help you decide on the best outfits for your shoot and take care of every lady detail. Your name is on a welcome sign on the front door when you get there and you're invited in with excitement and a warm friendly hug. I walked in and felt at home, that's the best way I can describe it. She offers payment plan options to make everything much more affordable and will give you so much more than just pictures. You'll walk out with a whole new outlook on yourself. It's seriously life changing and such an empowering experience! Love on yourself and book ASAP!!

    Why can't I give this like a MILLION stars??? First of all from start to finish Alyssa and her crew made me feel like it was MY day. They made me feel extra comfortable and beautiful! I walked in, they automatically started on my hair and make up. They gave me exactly what I went in there for. My confidence & an umph to keep me going. The whole time I was being photographed I felt BEAUTIFUL AND SEXY!!!! I loved it. She instructed me how to pose and it worked every time. The pictures man they were PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted them all but I got the ones I loved the most. If I could be photographed like this on a daily basis as a career, for Alyssa I totally would!!! Ok so now that you've read my review stop wasting time and go book! NOW!!! Trust me it'll be one of the best decisions of your life.

    Literally the best women in the world for this! I am still feeling the positive affect it has had on my life. I walk differently, feel more comfortable in my own skin, accept that I am sexy/hot/gorgeous/etc, and don't feel so upset about my insecurities. Seriously, even without all the gorgeous makeup and the amazing lingerie Alyssa has to offer, I STILL feel beautiful and sexy. Thank you so much to Alyssa and her team for furthering my self-confidence and helping me with this experience of truly feeling beautiful! And thank you to you all for being such an open and supportive group.

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words, however when I saw the pictures Alyssa took of me, they left me speechless. I have never seen anything more beautiful, and I'm talking about my body and the simplistic beauty of her photography. Walking in the door to her studio, I immediately felt as if I was walking into a room filled with some of my closest girlfriends. These ladies are the definition of empowering. From the hair, to the makeup, to the poses, to the laughter, every part of Alyssa's company is unforgettable. I have been on cloud nine since I left my photoshoot and now I get to relive that feeling everyday with the book that is being made. This is not just a photoshoot, it really is an experience. Something I highly recommend for all the ladies to try. I promise you will love yourself in a whole new way after!

    Below is the answer to the survey that Alyssa sent me after my Viewing and Ordering appointment. I cant even express how amazing this whole experience was and how much I recommend her and her team. Its truly transforming and incredible how just a few hours can change how you see yourself. I cant express my gratitude enough! Thank you Alyssa and your entire talented amazing sweet team!!! 1. How old are you? 26 2. What do you do for a living? I work at Starbucks, a chiropractic office called The Joint, and most importantly I am a momma to a lovely little 4 year old girl. 3. What made you decide to take a leap of faith and do a boudoir session? I kept seeing all these success stories of women with insecurities taking such amazing photos and after having my daughter I didn't really loose the weight so I have been having some major body image issues. I missed the version of me that fit into single digit pant sizes and I thought that I wasn't beautiful at a bigger size. 4. Did you have any obstacles or fears about boudoir? A big obstacle was money, I didn't think I could afford the experience. Fear would be that I would hate myself in photos because of my weight. And going nude was being fully exposed with no super cute lingerie or clothing covering the parts I hated most. I felt like if I was going to do it that I should go all out and just do it. 5. Was the session different from what you expected it to be? It was definitely less nerve wracking then I expected. Don't get me wrong, I was super nervous at certain points but the ladies laugh with you and help you feel at ease with yourself and with them. 6. What was your favorite part about the entire experience? Do I have to pick one part? Haha. I loved just smiling and laughing with the girls. I don't have a ton of friends who are girls and it was nice to sit back and relax and be pampered a bit with girls and chat. 7. How did you feel when you saw your photographs? I was surprised. I didn't think I would like so many of them. I honestly thought I would hate most of them. I was shocked that there were so many I liked and that I thought my husband would love. I couldn't stop smiling. 8. Any advice for women interested in their own boudoir session? Probably the same advice we all give. DO IT! They make it so affordable and so easy to get the exact experience you want to get out of it. Don't wait for some arbitrary deadline, just do it. You can make it work. 9. Did anything change about the way you see your own beauty as a result of the session? I definitely still have imperfections that I don't love. But it showed me that those just make me who I am and show that I have lived my life and experienced it. Alyssa and her whole team has a way of showing you that you are sexy and beautiful even with imperfections. Also that no one is perfect, no matter what you think or see, and its those imperfections that make them beautiful. I left my V&O appointment smiling from ear to ear because I actually thought I looked good. Which hasn't happened in a long time. 10. How did you like working with Alyssa Michelle and her team? They are all incredible. It is amazing how they can make you feel at ease with just a few simple conversations and they really want you to have the best experience you can. From start to finish they all make you feel good and make sure you get exactly what you want and need from the experience.

    I am a 46 year old woman, mother of four and wife. My hairdresser told me about her incredible experience and pictures by Alyssa Michelle and I was more than intrigued. I have thought about doing something like this in the past but worried about the finances, being at my ideal weight, nervous about the experience and about not being happy with the results at my age. My entire experience with Alyssa from the moment I first contacted her was amazing. I booked my session about a month in advance and as it got closer I got more nervous (next time maybe not so far in advance) but was so excited for the experience after having seen my hairdressers pictures. They were beyond sexy, sweet, hot and she looked so gorgeous! Photo day was magical. My hair and makeup looked perfect! I felt like a Victoria secret supermodel! I was slightly nervous the first few minutes of the shoot but then you get so into it and she makes you feel so comfortable! I saw my pictures a few days later and nearly fell over. I couldn't even believe it was me. It brought out so much emotion in me that I cried my eyes out. They are beyond gorgeous! My advice to everyone is do not wait. There will never be the perfect time. You may never be at your ideal weight (doesn't matter, she has a unbelievable way of making everyone no matter what you look like look perfect). You will always find an excuse to not have the $$. YOU ARE WORTH IT! Every damn time! The results are priceless and you will be able to look back Years from now and smile every time you look at your pictures!!

    This was a life changing experience! I was never happy with my body due to my family. The told me I was overweight and I needed to wear bigger clothes. Then with boys rating me for just only my boobs and butt. I decided to hide my body which I did for a long time. In the past couple years my man always told me I was beautiful and curvy. Never believed him. Once I was added to the Facebook account I knew I wanted to do this but was afraid. I finally got the courage and just booked me session. Today I did it and did my reveal. On the first photo I wanted to cry. I looked so amazing and I couldn't believe I listened to the negativity. Going through them all I broke down. It was the best experience and I'm glad I took a risk! I am beautiful! We all are. If you are not confident in your own skin I would 110% recommend booking a session! I know I'll be doing it again!

    Let me start by saying, I will only recommend Alyssa Michelle for boudoir and will never go anywhere else. The only reason my photos are as amazing as they are is because of Alyssa Michelle!!!! She makes you feel so comfortable and confident. She is an absolute professional and prides herself on her amazing work. I did not feel like I would look as good as all the girls she posts, I thought I wouldn't be "model material". But to my surprise, I loved them and so did my husband! Even though I originally went in with the intention of doing it for my husband, I felt like it was more for myself in the end! Love you Alyssa!


    What's On My iPhone 8 Plus? // Alyssa Michelle

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