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    • Thinking about my next tattoo.. Any ideas?! 🤔💉

      216 11,3082 hours ago

    • Beauty is in the way you hold yourself. It’s how you treat people. The way you love. It’s self acceptance. Beauty is in your soul ♥️ @ardiology

      269 29,6352 days ago

    • Love yourself first. 💛 Photographer @benm_photo

      125 21,6313 days ago

    • Camp Cove, Sydney Australia.

      72 18,7174 days ago

    • Feeling a little jet lagged this morning but pushing through to get my sleeping pattern back to normal! Straight to the gym today, having my #alphacrehd by @1stphorm it’s my fav pre-workout! I’ll post a swipe up feature on my IG story to link you to where you can read about and purchase this product. (FYI the Fruit Punch taste bomb!!) I love that it’s a non stimulant ~ for all you guys that don’t like that tingly feeling you get from the others! But curious to know which do you prefer?!? 🤜🏻 #iam1stphorm

      101 16,1605 days ago

    • Annnd I’m back home in LA!!! 🤗 While I was in Australia I was lucky enough to work with the amazing @joakim__karlsson 🙌🏻

      147 21,9716 days ago

    • You make me feel weak at the knees..♥️ Just kidding, yesterday was leg day!! 😝 Might have over done my legs a little bit yesterday so I’m the gym stretching them out. I’ve also taken my #glutamine by @1stPhorm and might do a relatively low intensity cardio workout to help ease the soreness throughout the active recovery phase. I feel these two combined is the perfect recovery regime!! What’s yours?!?! 💪🏻 #iam1stphorm

      127 17,2151 week ago

    • ..I wanna do bad things with you 🖤 Photographer @benm_photo

      237 29,6251 week ago

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    Tina Louise. 72,147 likes · 95 talking about this. This is me! The ONLY official Facebook account of Tina Louise: actress, mother, friend.

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    Snapchat: Miss.TinaLouise. Miss Tina Louise grew up in Victoria, Australia and was  I'm Tina Louise, and this is my Patreon campaign! Thanks for checking it out.

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    Miss Tina Louise. instagram.com/miss_tina_louise/ twitter.com/realtinalouise facebook.com/Miss-Tina-Louise-1460509104251807/ patreon.com/tinalouise.

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    miss_tina_louise. Australian. USA Resident.  Tina Louise Photos and Videos...it’s the little things in life ♥️ #content.

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    Tina Louise@miss_tina_louise.  Tina Louise...i lost my mind waiting on you to make up yours. 267 31,847.

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    Tina Louise is creating Photography & Videos.  ● Patrons. * Patreon's test of showing actual amount earned instead of amount pledged. *.